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Thousands of people dismissed by emergency state decrees are preparing to call for justice once again at the European Court of Human Rights.

Thousands of people are expected to take part in the march planned to take place soon.

Preparations for this year’s march, led by the Peaceful Action Platform, have begun.

After July 15, the law was suspended, and millions were victimized.

Evidence that is not legally valid, people dismissed from their jobs without even an investigation, institutions shut down, the press silenced, and many other unlawful acts have remained on Turkey’s agenda despite the passage of 7 years.

The usurpation of rights continues to be on the agenda of the world.

Due to the politicized Turkish judiciary, victims find their remedy in the European Court of Human Rights.

The slow functioning of the court, which takes the cases on its agenda, sometimes causes reactions.

To draw attention to the seriousness of the situation, the victims of emergency state decrees will appeal to the ECHR for justice.

Last year, the first march to the ECHR made a big impact.

So, what happened?

Thousands of people participated in the historic march to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of millions of people who have suffered rights violations in Turkey and tried to make their voices heard at the ECHR with slogans and banners they carried.

A demonstrator wearing a snail costume reacted to the delay in justice by saying, “Even I am faster than you, ECHR”. The costume became the symbol of the demonstration.

On June 24, 2022, an important application was made in front of the ECHR on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered rights violations in Turkey. On behalf of the Peaceful Actions Platform, Rumi Ünal, a diplomat dismissed with a state of emergency decree, presented a letter to ECHR President Spano, “demanding that the ECHR take action for the victims in Turkey and that the ECHR immediately deliver justice that is long overdue.”





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